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I was very happy to pick up a copy of Dissidia 012 today - I've been so busy that I didn't even know it was out when browsing through Gamestop. I popped the game in and updated my firmware in order to play it then when I tried to rollover my Dissidia data from the first game it gave me the "data is corrupted" message from hell. Even tried to load the data with the first game but it was not recognized. So that's 100+ hours of gameplay all gone ;_:

Oh and last week my Wii got bricked, bought another one but my ALL my save data (possibly losing hundreds of hours of game play, and the thought of having to play that evil mapless dungeon in Symphonia 2 again just terrifies me) is on the old one and my only hope is to send it to Nintendo for a couple months.
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A Girly Girl Moment

After several years, the Sailor Moon manga is coming back to the USA! According to this article they'll be re-translating all 18 volumes in 12 books including the Sailor V series... um FANGASMS! #^.^# ...and while I'm on the subject of going crazy for the return of one of my favorite shoujo mangas, I love 'My Little Pony Friendship is Magic'....andthereisanewepisodeoutomg! (thanks ladydouji)

Anyway, back to the manga - does this mean that the originals have gone down in value? You know the ones that people are trying to sell on Amazon or Ebay for $50+ each?
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The benefits of being sick is having people do nice things for you like doing your groceries, or having lunch at one of your favorite comfort food delivered to you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I was very happy to see chicken-fried steak - which I've been craving for a couple months now - for lunch. Now here's the bad/sad side of being sick, having an awesome lunch... and not being able to taste any of it ;-;
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Why is it when I'm sick I'm out of all the good stuff to help me feel better and it's raining cats and dogs outside? >_
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Bootleg Figures

I think there are subliminal messages is the Black Rock Shooter OVA that just compels you to buy it's merchandise of starved-looking-lolis in skimpy outfits (or it's probably just me being an impulsive buyer of everything anime and manga), but anyway I bought this:

And with the help of my my ebay Bucks certificate, I got the figure for $12.31 (that's with shipping). Thinking I got a great deal, I couldn't help but look through the other listings and websites until I saw this figure is worth around $90+

This image is from Amazon, and I don't know if it's the lighting, but the one I bought (shown above) looks slightly off (her skin appears yellowish and too shiny... like she got sick and slipped in a puddle of olive oil). But it's pretty hard to tell from just the images alone... I mean even the box looks authentic and has the "Goodsmile" name on it.

So, I just ended up asking the seller flat out if this was a bootleg. They can choose to deny or admit it. But if they have already shipped it out to me, odds are I'm stuck since it will cost more than what I paid just to mail it back. I'm not really stressed about $12 - had I paid more than $50... that's another story.

This is probably a more obvious bootleg: US Seller's figure for $60 (WTH is wrong with her mouth?!)

Compared to: Hong Kong Seller's figure for $85